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Borealis Bullseyes Enrollment Packet
In an effort to streamline our procedures and to present the best competitive team possible, we have created the Borealis Bullseyes Team Selection Procedures and the Borealis Bullseyes Code of Conduct documents.  Please read these documents thoroughly and return the signed acceptance form back to the Head Coach.  The Procedures document is an outline of how the competition / traveling team will be chosen moving forward.  There are two required practices weekly for members that wish to be on the competitive team, one of these practices must include the Head Coach.
The range at East High School will be available for use Mon. - Thur. from 6:30 to 8:30.  The following people will be at the range on the designated days:
Marshel Reed - Tuesday and Thursday
Scott Henderson - Monday and Wednesday
Johanna Noble -
See you at the range,
Marshel Reed